Enjoy your own breakfast on the go

Enjoy your own breakfast on the go

Limited edition available now

Here's how it works:

animation 'squeeze to the top'
animation of taking a bite at the top
asssembling the eatcup

Taking a bite on the go is now as easy as sipping coffee

hand holding eatcup
Single handed use

Grab, hold and
squeeze with
one hand only

graphic taking a bite
Easy eating

One bite is pushed
 to the top with
just a squeeze

graphic of food coming from the top of the eatcup
Spill free spout

Comfortable and spill free spout works for all ‘spoonable’ food

Play Video

Made for ease of use

Lid on eatcup spout
Spill free lid

Carry your eatcup anywhere with
the spill free lid

dishwasher safe symbol with eatcup parts
Easy to clean

Comes apart
easlily to clean in
the dishwasher

Food safe symbol with BPA free text
Safe materials

food grade
and BPA free

recycling symbol with 2 arrows

Reusable for years: prevent single use packaging waste

The first customers say this:

With the Riser Eatcup I can enjoy my breakfast in a relaxed way and eat with attention. I prefer not to eat bread and now I can avoid a hasty and early bite at home. With Eatcup I have plenty of time while on the road to enjoy my cereal or warm oatmeal. Well dosed, safe and without mess.
Healthy and tasty!

Hits the road early when visiting clients

I've been allowed to enjoy my breakfast with Eatcup for almost two years now.

It really is a great invention!

Daily Commuter

Works with all 'spoonable' foods

...with milk
smoothie bowl
plate with paëlla
And more...
Riser EatcupRiser Eatcup complete
Eatcup 3D viewEatcup with mix and fill bowl
Enjoy on the go
Easy to clean
Easy to fill
Price (Euro)3949
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Riser Eatcup

Riser Eatcup complete



Eatcup 3D view
Eatcup with mix and fill bowl
Enjoy on the go
Enjoy on the go
Easy to clean
Easy to clean
Easy to fill
Easy to fill

Why Riser Eatcup?

Because we believe healthy eating starts with your own food choices.
It is up to you what and when you want to eat, also on the go.

Yet taking time for eating is healthy for everyone: by taking your time you can enjoy the food best, and benefit from optimal nutrition.

This time is often lacking, especially in the morning. That is why we created the Riser Eatcup: so you can take time to enjoy your own food on the go!

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