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How it works

Put the eatcup to your mouth and press the pump. Enjoy; it’s that simple!

When you squeeze the pump of the Eatcup, air is pushed under the moving bottom which pushes the food up to the spout at the top where you can take a bite like from a pop-up icecream.

Cleaning is easy: Take of the lid and spout, pump out the bottom and pull the tube off the frame. These can all be cleaned in the dishwasher.

We recommend cleaning the frame with a moist brush or towel.

Store and dry your Riser eatcup without lid and with the tube loose.

Put the bottom in the tube (closed side up), and press the tube onto the frame. Place the spout and lid. 

The current lid is splash proof, but not leak proof. Moreover if pressure builds up under the lid by accidentally pushing the pump, the lid will also come off.

We recommend transporting the eatcup upright and do not keep it next to valuable belongings in your bag.

Moreover we are working on a protection cap that keeps the lid in place so it becomes completely spash proof.

What food

Eatcup is most suitable for ‘spoonable’ food: Meals that you would otherwise eat with a spoon.

We actually recommend leaving chunks because healthy digestions starts with chewing well! Just make sure the chunks are not too big (smaller than 2 cm /1 inch).

Eatcup is very suitable for anything that is a little bit viscous and if you leave some chunks to chew it is even healthier. 

We have used Eatcup with:
-Greek yoghurt with a Paleo nut muesli
-Smoothies with chunks of fruit
-Overnigh oats (Bircher)
-Regular oatmeal
-Thick soups
-vegetable salads (not lettuce)

Please let us know in the form below what recipe you want to use the eatcup for!

Yes you can. If you don’t squeeze the pump, you can drink from it regularly.

Cornflakes or cruesli with a beverage can be enjoyed with eatcup by taking a bite of the cereal, and then tilting the eatcup to take a sip. Making the fluid a little thicker with oatmeal, chia seeds or something else will make the eating easier though.


Yes, Eatcup is designed to fit almost all cupholders by making the size of the bottom the same as a soda can (66 mm)

When you fill the tube it holds up to 300 ml /1.25 cups. If you fill it even further after placing the spout it can hold 350 ml/1.5 cups

The transparent tube is made from foodsafe and shatter proof Tritan,

The green rubber parts are all made of certified foodsafe Silicone rubber

The black frame parts are all made of ABS

The other rubber parts are also made of silicone rubber

At the moment we do not have a solution for keeping your cereal crunchy.

If you want to eat your cereal with milk or anything very liquid, you can bring it in a bottle and only add it when you want to start eating. 

The Riser eatcup is made to be reused for years. That makes it a sustainable choice.

The plastic parts of the eatcup are recyclable.

The recycling of Silicone rubber is technically possible but not available much yet. It is however by far the most durable and safe choice for containing food.

Please ask us!

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